Sea View 5

This page lists information and updates for
the Sea View 5 route for Microsoft® Train SimulatorTM
that I have contributed to.

This route has been created by Bill Burnett with the help of many people including myself.
Now in its fifth incarnation, I'm very proud to have contributed four custom-made signaling systems
to the route as well as highway crossing signals, road signs, and other details.

The route is free for download and available at various places, but one site doesn't require registration:

Updated Signal Configuration File

This update is recommended for all users of Sea View 5.

This update fixes various issues with the route, such as it freezing upon exiting,
and other general troubles running the route.

sigcfg.dat   Revision 32, 25 Jan 2008, 607 KB

To install, download this file to your computer, and put it in the SeaView5 folder.
It should overwrite the current configuration file.

Any questions or trouble installing this file, feel free to contact me.

Serenity Beach Fix

When the turnout to the Sand Supply Incorportated track at Serenity Beach is thrown, MSTS freezes.
This is because of a missing control signal on the Sand Supply Incorportated track.
This problem does NOT happen while using Open Rails to play the route.

A patch may be produced to correct this and other Sea View 5 issues.
Until then, you can click this page for instructions on correcting this problem.

Or, just don't throw this switch! None of the rest of the route is affected.